Hanfugirl is an antithesis to Gossip Girl.

It started as a joke, a troll name, because I can’t understand the obsession towards Gossip Girl, and since I’m obsessed about customer and Hanfu in particular, then I should have the right to call myself Hanfugirl.

The Chinese culture isn’t the most accessible to the world, and China remains as a backward and mystical orient to most. Unlike Japanese and Korean culture, which have flourished and became internationally sought after due to their pop culture, the Chinese have yet to establish its soft power. Yet, these East Asian cultures are rather similar in one way or another.

Perhaps, through my posts, one could see how the world is much more globalised than we thought, centuries ago. And one could see how culture and identity is really a fluid concept. Even the term Hanfu is problematic.

But this world’s not black and white, and it’s all the more interesting to explore the twilight realm of history.

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