I have just discovered the ultimate time travel photo app that allows one to instantly be transformed into an ancient Chinese character!

That’s me, yes, you are gender-fluid with this app too!  Who says the Asians are conservative and backward!

I shared the whole lot of my time travelled photos, and my facebook friends went wild with their trials too!!  Just hilarious. The best part– I have not seen ANYONE who doesn’t look like they belong in that period!

Sidenote: I do think I look better as a male character… Especially the God of War-Guan Gong:

The Chinese are really good with these photo apps that taps on its ancient culture. If anyone is looking to try. It’s the Pitu app downloadable thru google App Store (free!).

More examples:

my ten year old niece as  Tang beauty:

Me as one of the four beauties of ancient China:

Gosh there’s no end. I’m curious how non-Chinese would look with this app.

Observation from the past few days, most women love how they look as a male ancient character. Interesting phenomenon, reveals our preference for pretty boys.

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