So, I’ve been invited to organise a mini showcase of Hanfu as a way of educating the public on the Chinese culture. It will be a project 1 year in the making come end September, and I definitely appreciate the unnecessary self-inflicted stress of having deadlines to meet. Otherwise, I might never do it. 10 top habits of effective hanfugirl start with deadlines.

Within a week of releasing the call, I’ve gotten 50 applicants!! So i scheduled 3-4 days of intensive interview which consisted of scenario tests to assess if the person’s aura and demeanour suits the show/performance. It’s interesting to realise that someone who might look completely perfect for a role if it were just a photoshoot, would not be able to walk the stage well, while someone with strong stage presence would fit the role just with the sheer energy (not in the sense of power, but the sense of presence) in each movement. It’s all in the small gestures, and it’s not all that straight-forward. #thedevilsinthedetail right?

The success rate was 30% yesterday. Then I have a problem–I have too many people suitable for the first half of the show, so now I am crossing fingers that the second half would be populated with suitable candidates too!

The period I’m covering will be from Han dynasty (super glorious period at the start of unified China–cos first dynasty Qin dynasty was too short), cos it’s where the term Han Chinese and therefore Hanfu came from. It will end with the Chinese Republican era with cheongsam since that’s what most recognise as traditional Chinese dress.

I will include one guy (fingers crossed he will confirm his participation!) and a Manchurian dress (to make certain points about dressing and history).

Each model will have 3-5minutes on stage, which is a terribly long time (my sis who does drama looked at me with pitiful eyes when I told her that, she’s a drama veteran). But but but! I will definitely get them each to do specific tasks/movements which would bring light to certain iconic historical developments in Chinese history during that period.

At the end of the day, I’m providing that width and depth of information. People can take it at face value–oh yes the fashion is like this and that. And, people can take it slightly deeper–oh this happened that’s why the fashion is so and so. Either way, we all gain.

OK, today’s another long day. Haven’t blogged in a while… It’s really more of a secondary school angsty teenager habit of my past… Perhaps it’s time to relive my teenage-hood!

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