Quick links to Dream of the Red Chamber Series

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For your easy reference, you may refer to the various articles in the entire series via this article:

No. 1 girl–The Ethereal Snowflake林黛玉

No. 2 girl–Red Chamber’s No. 1 It girl–The Queen Bee薛宝钗

No. 3 girl–The Royal Connection贾元春

No. 4 girl–The High Potential贾探春

No. 5 girl–The Socially Awkward Snob 妙玉 (actually number 6, i got the number mixed up when writing)

No. 6 girl–The Bubbly Tomboy史湘云

No. 7 girl–The Helpless Introvert 贾迎春

No. 8 girl–The Sanctimonious Oddball 贾惜春

No. 9 girl–The illiterate Matriarch-in-waiting 王熙凤/凤辣子

No. 10 girl–The Fortunate Commoner 巧姐

No. 11 girl–The Underwhelming Dark Horse 李纨

No. 12 girl–The Nymph 秦可卿/警幻仙子

Someone asked what’s the ranking based on–it’s actually based on the original author’s ranking. If you read the No. 12 article, the land of illusions appeared in the dream of the male protagonist (also the author’s alternate reality self), and there were prophetic poems in 3 volumes of books of which one of them held the ranking for this.

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