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We might not have Bonzai or courtyards that look as quaint as this, but we can definitely think of new ways to present the Chinese culture and its diverse influences.


My long sabbatical has somehow triggered a slight change in the way I look at my possessions and life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very careful about who gets to wear my collection and who gets to be taken pictures of because there’s a certain pride I take in my work, but I’m less precious about them these days and the need to engage supersedes the desire to guard.

I’m currently looking for like-minded people to work together on other upcoming projects that I have in mind, because it’s always nice to have people to bounce off ideas with! You never know what you’re gonna learn!

Occasionally it would be photoshoots, other times it might take on the form of an interactive exhibition, or performance. Whichever’s fun, we’ll do it because the process is just as important as the outcome.

I guarantee that you’ll have fun 🙂

To apply directly, click HERE.

Otherwise, here’s a bit more information (just slightly more). Or if you have any major doubts, feel free to email me at hanfugirl@gmail.com!

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