So, we’re back to that time of the year when we release our annual slow fashion history article/magazine–Rogue.

There’s nothing more suitable than releasing this issue today to tie in with the International Women’s Day and upcoming St Pat’s Day (the drinking one :P)!

01TangMagazine Cover




Opps, you must’ve gotten a shock!

Of course, education and knowledge remain free for those who are genuinely interested in the content. We’re just raising the bar of your commitment by introducing ‘premium articles’ like some extremely established news agencies.

This is our endeavour to make the experience as authentic as possible.

In the true spirit of a Tang dynasty courtesan, we value the intrinsic immeasurably more so…

You just need to key in the answer to this rhetorical question after downloading the PDF Rogue 2-2019

Question: Guess who’s a Hanfu Goddess in this issue?
Password: H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ L (all caps)


Let me know which is your favourite page too!

Special thanks

Sharon (Dressed Up Dreams Photo Studio) for bouncing off hilarious ideas, humouring me and the brilliant layout which gave so much more meaning to my words and pictures!
If you’re keen for a photoshoot, Sharon also does Hanfu photoshoot packages for couples, friends, individuals at a very reasonable rate. In fact, that’s her core business! I only do commissioned works cos I have a perfect job with perfect bosses whom I can’t bear to leave, for now.
Kenny (Independent Tea Sommelier) for the lager-matcha recommendation and image! YES, it’s a REAL beverage that fuses tea with booze–yums~ (ok I haven’t tried it but, I trust Kenny :P).

2 Replies to “#HanfuHautey for Rogue”

  1. Just … wow. This must have taken so much effort! I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

    My favorite article is the one to do with courtesans. I’ve always been fascinated with women’s roles as Bringers and Keepers of Culture and Civilization, and the odd societal need to sexualize that role, from Shamkat in the Epic of Gilgamesh on forward. I’m more familiar with the Tawaif of the Mughal era, who filled a not entirely dissimilar space to the Duzhi you describe, though of course in a very different way.

    In terms of ads, my favorite is Songtsam: the Turquoise Collection, not least because now I have to run along and discover whether turquoise occurs naturally in China (as regionally defined under the Tang Dynasty), or would have been among the luxury imports. All I know offhand is that the word “turquoise” derives from some euro-variant on “Turkish”. The ad also has quite an authentically “ad” feel to it, if you take my meaning. I did a bit of a double-take, truth be told, which made me smile.

    In terms of photos, my favorite is the final one. That *look*. It tells me she’s better than me, but not to worry, because she’s better than *everyone*. Plus the Persian toy cat, which is a nice touch, since Iran is said to look like a cat on a map.


    1. I ONLY got to see your comments now! I think many of the coloured gemstones weren’t native to China, and definitely very far away from Tibet, that’s why they are precious. I actually am in the midst of working with a Tang poem lecturer on a possible collab which traces the origin of these coloured precious stones in tang poetry, and how they became representation of colours etc. Based on what I remembered from our conversations, the turquoises used were seen as extremely valuable because they are so rare. although now they also are produced in Qinghai region it think, and the Tibetans definitely still adorn them as their important accessories.

      haha Yes actually we have so many ideas to play with, I wanted to talk about Empress/Emperor Wu Zetian and the story of her banning cats in the palace etc. but I guess I can do that another time! So many stories, so little time, and too many words for one article! 😛

      The reason I’m focusing on courtesan in this issue is because next year we’re doing an immersive theatre experience based on the Tang entertainment houses and the courtesan culture. So taking this opportunity to lay some foundation of understanding!


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