Embark on a journey of cultural exploration and visual reinterpretations with #Hanfugirl.

Much could be learnt about history through fashion and vice versa. It’s only when we know our past, can we reinvent and inspire greater creations for the future.

Through performance, talks, experience and editorials, I will slowly reveal the hidden iceberg of knowledge on ancient world culture from the Chinese perspective. This blog details this process of contemporising Cultures and Fashion history.

About Gong Pan Pan (hanfugirl)

Pan Pan was born in the very city where some of the lightest, earliest and finest silk garments in Chinese history dating over 2,000 years ago were unearthed. As Hanfugirl, she uses photos and social media to tell the visual story of ancient Chinese artforms and material culture, and their inherent connectedness to the rest of the world. She also has a healthy collection of replica dresses and textiles spanning over 2,000 years in style and craft. She is the one and only person in Singapore who specialises in research, education, photography, styling and editorial related to the Chinese culture and fashion history and also one of the few in the world to be writing about them in English for international audiences. These days she is gearing up for an immersive dance theatre experience focusing on Tang dynasty (8th century) fashion, music, dance and material culture. She is based in Singapore, the melting pot of world cultures.


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  1. Hello! I am a college student and I really enjoy your photos of Hanfu! I’m wondering if I can use your photos of Hanfu in my school project and publish them?


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