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Four Gentlemen motif (Plum blossom, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum) with gold brocade. These handphone cum card pouch is perfect for those who have the tendency to misplace their phones, or just want to travel as lightly as possible! This is women’s stylish answer to pockets (yes, damn you pockets!). Who needs pockets when you can indulge in beautifully functional pouches like these! And because I don’t believe in fast fashion, all these are made to order (expect about 1 month from date of order and payment). The good news is, you can customise the size to fit your phone size! Default Measurement: 10cm(w) X 3.5cm(d) X 16-21cm (length may vary depending on your phone length) Original design by Hanfugirl

SGD 48.00

A close up of the black pouch. Plum flower in weaved gold and the other three gentlemen flower/plants (bamboo, orchid, chrysanthemum) are subtly woven.

Whirlpool of Crane in flight

Black has traditionally been seen as the colour for the water element, and cranes have always been associated with spirituality and longevity. In the past, literates often erect stones resembling mountains so they could retreat spiritually into the misty mountains. In the same spirit (pun unintended), we hope that the swirls of cranes in flight could lift you from your mundane life on earth into the realm of peace and contentment. Dimension measures: 30cm(w) X 28cm(h) X 10cm(d) Material: Brocade with weaved gold and silver colour threads on black fabric Customisation: Top width can be customised to 40cm (widest). Please allow 30 working days for completion of order as all bags are handmade to order. Original design by Hanfugirl

SGD 168.00


Emerald Green Silk Gauze Clutch

If you think Silk Gauze is just plainly weaved silk fabric without much to shout about, you would need to look closely at the details of this clutch. The silk gauze are woven with subtle motifs that can only be seen up close in person. Yes, if someone spots it, either they are very atuned to the finer creations of silk, or they are too close for comfort. Understated luxury has been a quintessential aspect of the Chinese literati culture. This fabric and design is also the proud winner of a Silver medal in an exquisite crafts awards in China! There are only 3 of them in my collection, one for my own keep, and another for a dear friend, so this is the only one I’m selling. They all have slightly different arrangement of pattern.



All items in this series are inspired by artefacts and redesigned or replicated for daily use. Because unlike Kim Kardashian, we believe that the artefacts are best kept in the Museum for posterity.

Qing imperial fan-inspired Butterflies and Flowers

While the imperial collection is definitely out of reach for us, it’s still possible to own a semblance of it as part of your wardrobe. The original fan is made with appliqué silk designs on cream-coloured silk gauze. Butterflies with intricately depicted wings fluttering in various directions and forms amongst flowers in full bloom. Hand embroidered with silk threads, this bag takes the motifs and adapts it into a hand carried bag to adorn your outfit with just this little extra finesse. MADE TO ORDER ITEM. Item is hand embroidered with silk threads on silk fabric. As each piece is handmade, it would take about 1 month from date of order to the date of shipment for craftswomen to embroider and make them into a bag. Measures 18cm x 18cm x 5cm

SGD 380.00

Qing imperial fan-inspired butterfly amongst peonies

While the imperial collection is definitely out of reach for us, it’s still possible to own a semblance of it as part of your wardrobe. The original fan is made with carved silk (kesi) technique, and the replica fan is also available for purchase (email me if you are interested, it’s on the high 4-digits). This bag takes the motifs and adapts it into a hand carried bag to adorn your outfit with just this little extra finesse. MADE TO ORDER ITEM. Item is hand embroidered with silk threads on silk fabric. As each piece is handmade, it would take about 1 month from date of order to the date of shipment for craftswomen to embroider and make them into a bag. Measures 18cm x 18cm x 5cm

SGD 350.00


Even though all hand-crafted items are unique in their own right, here is a collection that is of heirloom level—you will never find another one like these.

[UNIQUE PIECE] 如意Ruyi floral clutch

This piece combined 2 of my favourite style of embroidery–the forbidden knot and the gold couching techniques. The forbidden knot was closely associated with the Qing dynasty embroidery, and you would find it in many of the antique Qing dynasty dress pieces. The gold couching technique has found its earliest artefact in a doll-dress from the Tang dynasty uncovered from Famensi temple some 1300 years back. The central motif outlined by golden coloured threads is in the shape of a Ruyi, and in Ming and Qing dynasty, such motif was wildly popular especially amongst women and children. You would find it in their accessories and garment. The colour combination in this against an electric blue silk fabric is absolutely stunning. That’s why I collected it for so long before deciding to list it. Wouldn’t let it go without a fight!

SGD 500.00


[UNIQUE PIECE] Pure kimono silk with mother-of-pearl inlay handbag

One of the rare finds. and One of its kind. A bag made from vintage silk kimono that has mother-of-pearl inlays. Mother-of-pearl inlays has often been incorporated into lacquerwares and furnitures for over a thousand years in East Asia. Its existence in fabric, however, is rather rare. Unique piece. Measures 18cm by 14.5cm

SGD 400.00

[UNIQUE PIECE] Pure kimono silk handbag

While this set does not have the mother-of-pearl inlay, it is made from the same piece of textile. I particularly love the golden bamboo–one of the most iconic motif in Chinese ink paintings. The golden linings of the bag elegantly frames the golden bamboo painted above the muted purplish-grey silk background, making it easy to go with most outfits. Unique piece. Measures 25cm by 13cm

SGD 350.00

[UNIQUE PIECE] Five-colour Phoenix, ruler of birds, in a flight clutch

Phoenix in ancient Chinese culture has always been described to be in 5 colours, and is the ruler of all birds. Overtime, it got mixed up with the Red Bird of the south and has been depicted most recently in Mulan as being red in colour. We love how the Japanese kept the phoenix the way it has originally been described as, and this bag honours that tradition, telling the story of the phoenix in flight with all the other birds under its rule. Measures 12.5cm x 27cm x 5cm

SGD 300.00

[UNIQUE PIECE] Waves of Mayuan lifeworks in gold clutch

While most recognise the iconic waves of Kanagawa in the Ukiyo-e prints, this piece pays homage to the waves painted by Song dynasty artist Ma Yuan (马远) from the 12th century–someone believed who have influenced the Japanese wave motif greatly. The Song dynasty is known for its understated taste driven by its emperor and literati. Again, we can always trust the Japanse to incorporate beautiful motifs from ancient China in their design! Measures 12.5cm x 27cm x 5cm

SGD 280.00

[UNIQUE PIECE] Mandala with peony motif clutch

The Mandala motif is a uniquely Tang dynasty motif which found its way to Japan through the silk road and with the spread of Buddhism. The peonies further adds tot he entire feel of medieval Tang China in the 7th to 10th century with its full petals echoing the period’s love for full-bodiedwomen. The vibrant colours and bold use of gold spanning across the entire surface is very emblematic of the opulence of Tang. We particularly love how the shape of the clutch mirrors the mandala shape and the subtle lozenge motifs in the base fabric. Measures 12.5cm x 27cm x 5cm

SGD 300.00

[UNIQUE PIECE] Pine trees on mountain tops clutch

The pine tree motif was popularised during the Tang dynasty by famous Chinese painter Wu Daozi. Since then, Chinese painters have been painting pine trees for over a thousand years. While the literati saw the pine trees as representing their sense of solitude, others saw it as an auspicious symbol for longevity. Since Japanese art took inspiration from Tang and Song dynasty Chinese art greatly, it is no wonder we have plenty of pine motifs in the Japanese textile. This bag has both front and back covered with pine trees and would fit the narrative of a very auspicious clutch with many wishes of longevity. Measures 12.5cm x 27cm x 5cm

SGD 280.00

[UNIQUE PIECE] Chrysanthemum blooming clutch

Chrysanthemum means different things to different cultures–the imperial family for the Japanese, the offerings for Chinese funerals, and autumn for the rest of us. Appreciation for the chrysanthemum has a long history in Japan, dating back to the Nara period. And traditionally in Chinese literati circle, it was one of the four gentlemen symbolising resilience. This is probably a good perk-me-up piece during this trying year!

SGD 250.00


One of my absolute favourite piece. Not going to write much about it except that it’s gorgeous. And I’m not even going to try talking you into buying it because deep down, I want to keep it for my own (thus the price).

SGD 800.00

SOLD [UNIQUE PIECE] Golden ginkgo leaves of autumn with koi fish

We love the negative space provided in this composition, which is iconic of Chinese paintings. The golden leaves of autumn falling gently onto the water surface as koi fishes swim leisurely beneath them. A perfect autumn scene. If we can’t go to autumn, we can let autumn come to us! Bag itself measures 18cm x 18cm x5cm. This one is from my own collection, thus the only piece available.

SGD 999.00

SOLD [UNIQUE PIECE] 五彩祥云 Auspicious iridescent clouds

Ancient Chinese has been associating iridescent clouds with auspiciousness since antiquity. Due to the majestic nature of such sightings, it was also synomymous to the presence of the emperor, or someone with the heavenly mandate to rule. The 5 colours concept of the clouds were brought in to represent the 5 elements of which the Chinese has categorised everything in the world into. Measures 12.5cm x 27cm x 5cm

SGD 999.00

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