Specially produced affordable collectibles that are educational and fun. All profits will go towards supporting upcoming productions and content creations (venue rental, content research, artist fee for musicians and dancers, costume purchase, props and set creation etc.). Arts and heritage patronage are essential to the development and sustainability of any practitioner and industry.

Past Colletibles

Orders for Tang courtesan party calendar (2020) is now closed. We will update this page when there are new collectibles coming up.

The ancient Tang dynasty artists, literatis and courtesans support each other by producing wonderful literary works or artistic works for courtesans to perform to, and courtesans act as their publicists by introducing them to the influential and powerful. For 2020, we decided to do a set of calendar based on Tang dynasty festivals, holidays and dates and reveal a bit more about how they celebrated the festivals back in the 8th Century China.

Tang Courtesan Party calendar (2020)

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